Saving Electricity

Green House, Chris Potter CC

Saving electricity – simple ideas to get started!

~Turn off the lights:  do it whenever you leave the room and fit energy efficient bulbs. They’re more expensive initially but they use much less energy and replacing all bulbs in your home with these could save about £40 a year on your electricity bills, so they’re well worth it. 

~Unplug your chargers: leaving your phone, tablet or laptop charger plugged in when you’re not using it drains money from your pocket — you’re just paying for it to waste energy by getting warm.

~Switch off your TV: when your TV is on standby it’s still using energy. It is calculated that UK households waste on average £30 a year powering appliances they’re not even using.

~Move your sofa: furniture pressed up against a radiator stops heat reaching the room, so move things an inch or two away and better air circulation will have your room getting warm and cosy much faster.

~Close the curtains: when the sun goes down, heat starts to escape, so drawing the curtains or closing the blinds, will help to keep the warmth in — especially if you have draughty, old-fashioned sash windows.

~Fit foil panels: it’s surprisingly easy to add reflector panels behind your radiators to bounce more of the infra-red heat rays back into your room – so less warmth gets lost through the wall.

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