Saving Money

– Buying pre-loved clothes and other goods from Gumtree/EBay/Charity Shops/Jumble Sales saves resources and money. The latter two also support worthy causes.

Getting a water meter installed helps you to use less mains water and so save on water bills: eg. harvest rainwater and/or use grey water for garden irrigation, adapt to low flush toilet cisterns, use low-flow showers rather than baths.

Significant savings can be made on home energy bills by following advice in the Energy section. Rapid returns can be made on retrofitting effective insulation to attic space and hot water tanks, and draught proofing. There are conditional grants available for some carbon saving measures. Reducing overheating in homes should show an immediate reduction in energy bills at no upfront cost.

Interest on most ‘safe’ investments is currently very low (2020). However, Ethical Investment (eg. Triodos Bank) that do not invest in climate wrecking fossil fuel companies, for example, and support green initiatives (eg. our local Community Farm) give comparable interest rates to mainstream institutions. Local organisations such as Bath & West Community Energy (BWCE) that finance Renewable Energy Projects promise a somewhat enhanced return. Note: CMC&NWG does not purport to be Financial Advisors.     

Under the present pandemic conditions, our contact will be mostly digital but in the future we plan to run meetings, workshops and visits. If you want to contact us in the meantime, our email is

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