Choosing Organic Seeds, Seedlings and Plants

Choosing Organic Seeds, Seedlings and Plants

Dave Goulson, in his book “The Garden in the Jungle” tells how he carried out a small study to check if pesticides used in the rearing of plants came through into the pollen and nectar.  Plants were selected from those marked with the RHS logo ‘Perfect for Pollinators’. The results: published in 2017, found only 2 plants out of the 29 contained no pesticide. At the time of the study they found “70% contained neonicotinoids that are notorious for their harmful effects on bees and long persistence in the environment.  Since then some suppliers are no longer using pesticides when raising their plants.”

Consider asking at the garden centre/nursery if they use chemicals in raising their plants, raising your own or buying organic. For organic bulbs try Peter Nyssen, for organic plants try Caves Folly and for veg seeds the real seed company or Tamar.

Gravel Garden at Yeo Valley Garden

Above is the Gravel Garden at Yeo Valley Organic Garden, planted in 2009, all plants from Caves Folly, grown peat and pesticide free.

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