Waste and Recycling

The Climate and Nature Emergency working party from Chew Magna Parish Council have launched a Waste & Recycling group with the aims of:

Raising awareness of waste and recycling related matters in the Parish;

Providing background information on a range of waste and recycling related topics;

Signposting websites for information and articles about waste types, waste arisings and what can /cannot be recycled in BANES.

On a regular basis the group will make available a selection of news and information on a range of different aspects, such as how to reduce your waste arisings, benefits of recycling your waste at home, buying products made from recycled materials and data on UK waste consumption and associated carbon emissions.

We are liaising with other Chew Valley based Parish Council working groups, to hopefully develop a community-wide approach to possible improvements that will benefit both parishioners and the environment.

Under the present pandemic conditions, our contact will be mostly digital but in the future we plan to run meetings, workshops and visits. 

If you want to contact us in the meantime, our email is greenchewmagna@gmail.com.

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