Chew Magna Parish declared a Climate and Nature Emergency last year along with BANES and 450 other UK Councils.

“Climate Change is the defining crisis of our time, but we are far from powerless in the face of this global threat: it is a race we can win.” The United Nations

It’s now fifteen years since Chew Magna ran its successful carbon reduction project – Go Zero – which encouraged residents to get started on the road to a greener lifestyle, promoting initiatives that have now become mainstream. But there is so much more we still need to do.

In the intervening years it has been recognized that our climate and our natural world are in a state of emergency with more frequent floods, forest fires and hurricanes in the news every week. And it is happening even more quickly than we feared.

Now, Chew Magna has formed a new group – the Climate and Nature Emergency Group – instigated by concerned parishioners and supported by the Parish Council. Its aim is to encourage all residents to take up the challenge to reduce their carbon footprint and halt the damage being done to the natural world.

The effects of climate change are increasingly more visible. But we hear less about the decline in natural habitats due to poorly considered housing developments and infrastructure projects, and the devastating effect on biodiversity and natural cycles that are caused by accelerating climate change.

The Climate and Nature Emergency Group website will have information on subjects such as how to use energy more efficiently and how to encourage wildlife in your garden, will provide links to schemes such as where to find grants to achieve green goals, as well as publish more in-depth articles about taking action to avert climate change.

greenchewmagna@gmail.com (There is no dash in this email address, even if you see one!)
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