Nature and Wildlife

Rewildchew, an Introduction

Front lawn in the centre of Chew Magna, Meadow garden

The Climate and Nature Emergency working party from Chew Magna Parish Council have launched a Community project called “rewildchew”

To share information and ideas to adapt our gardens to help wildlife thrive

To create wildlife corridors by using the gardens as “stepping stones”, to allow wildlife to move along corridors

To increase biodiversity

We have a number of interested residents in our parish and through social media channels we have been approached by individuals from other villages.  We hope that through these contacts and the Community Forum we can expand the project into the wider Chew Valley.

At this stage our contact will be mostly digital, however in the future we plan to run meetings, workshops, garden visits and other events to support each other.  As we develop the project we would like to engage with farmers and other landowners to create a Green Infrastructure across the Valley.

Our Pledge

Water Garden at Bishop’s Palace, Wells

Join us – if you have a garden, no matter how big or small, do something for wildlife:

How can you help?

Grow plants for pollinators

No-Dig gardening

Use peat-free compost or make and use home compost

Go chemical free

Choose organic seeds, seedlings and plants

Let your grass grow

Create a wildlife pond

Use the drop down menu to find itemised information on the above!

Under the present pandemic conditions, our contact will be mostly digital but in the future we plan to run meetings, workshops and visits. If you want to contact us in the meantime, our email is

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