Using Peat-Free Compost

Commercial Peat Cutting, Torfabstich, Image by Oxfordian, Flikr.

“I urge you not to buy any peat products for the garden. Look for alternative potting composts. Make your own. Every time you use a peat-based compost in the garden, you are deliberately participating in the destruction of a non-renewable environment that sustains some of our most beautiful plant and animal life. No garden on this earth is worth that.” – Monty Don

“Peat is the most carbon-rich soil we have, and left alone it naturally sequesters carbon. Digging it up releases that carbon to become carbon dioxide, our biggest greenhouse gas. Destroying bogs also means we lose one of our most important habitats for wildlife and an important flood defence.

“We’re digging it up for our horticulture. Although the industry agreed a voluntary commitment to stop selling peat to ordinary consumers by 2020 and to the commercial sector by 2030, there’s no sign of that happening.” – Clifton Climate Action 

Peat free composts:

The one that consistently comes out top for seed germination and growing on of seedlings  is Dalefoot,  others worth trying are Sylva Grow and New Horizon. 

Local stockists for the Chew Valley include: 

Cleeve for Melcourt, Sylva Grow

Riverside  for both Dalefoot and Sylva Grow check

New Horizon is widely available.

Dalefoot wool compost
Melcourt SylvaGrow compost
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