Making Your Own Potting Compost

“I urge you not to buy any peat products for the garden. Look for alternative potting composts. Make your own. Every time you use a peat-based compost in the garden, you are deliberately participating in the destruction of a non-renewable environment that sustains some of our most beautiful plant and animal life. No garden on this earth is worth that.” – Monty Don

Making Your Own Potting Compost

Once you have made compost and leaf mould you might consider making your own potting mixes – click here for details, and below are the simple recipes from Garden Organic:

“The following recipes are mixed by VOLUME, not by weight, so you can use anything from a bucket to wheelbarrow to measure how much of each material you need, eg equal parts leafmould and loam.”

Seed Sowing easy mix:  

Leafmould, two years old.

Potting on : 

One part loam.

One part leafmould.

One part home-made compost


One part home made compost, leafmould, composted bark or coir

One part horticultural grit, sharp sand or vermiculite

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