Money-Saving Expert’s Energy-Saving Hints and Tips

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Money Saving Expert offer a range of services and one involves energy saving tips ’n’ tricks.  The link above takes you to their website where they asked their customers via Facebook and Twitter energy queries to tell them their energy-saving tips ‘n’ tricks and then they asked the Energy Saving Trust (EST) to tell them if they actually work.  There are some surprising questions and even more surprising answers.  

Here are a few examples:

Q:  Should I leave the heating on low all day even when I’m out, or turn it up only when I need it?

A:  Not a clear cut Yes or No, as it depends on the particular circumstances – check it out.

Q:  Should I put clingfilm on the windows?

A:  Yes! Clingfilm is normally used to wrap sandwiches but it can help keep your home warm. Putting a sheet on your window traps a layer of air that can help stop heat escaping. Other films also work – check it out.

Q: Should I keep the hot water boiler on all the time, or turn it on and off as needed?

A:  Yes if you have oil, gas or LPG central heating but no if you use an electrical immersion heater on Economy 7 or 10 tariff, where overnight use is cheaper – check it out.

Q:  Should I leave lights and appliances on, or turn them on and off each time?

A:  Yes.  Turn off lights when leaving a room, regardless of how long for and be mindful of how many lights you have on at any one time. Avoid leaving TVs and other devices on standby – but savings may be small. 

Q:  If my heating is on, should I keep doors open or closed for each room?

A:  It’s better to keep doors closed for the area you want heated.

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